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Customized plastic cap for glass bottle

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Plastic bottle caps are widely used. They can be used not only on glass bottles, but also on plastic bottles, aluminum bottles and other different bottles .They have different applications and can print different logos. Our technical teams will give the suggestions about design and pringting technical. The plastic bottle caps have the theftproof functions. Plastic caps generally use PP PE PS as a major raw material, PP is heat resistance and no deformation, high surface strength, good chemical stability, the disadvantage is low toughness, easy to crack under low temperature conditions.PE is non-toxic, has good toughness , high and low temperature resistance, they are used for different parts of caps.  after injection molding, printing and packing process processing. plastic caps easy to use,but  the size of bottle caps need suitable with bottleneck size.The plastic cap usually uses general size, and a variety of printing methods can be selected on the surface, such as bronzing, pad printing, roller printing and so on.

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Name Plastic bottle caps
Size customized
Material PP/PE/PS
Logo As requirements
Inside plastic insert
Quantity 1000pcs/carton
Carton size 57*375*305mm


The plastic cap has firm sealing, good leak proof and anti-theft performance, safe and convenient , and can effectively prevent the liquid in the bottle from external pollution. We can customize your plastic cap order to give you the proper plastic caps for any job. Plastic caps come in a variety of custom colors, shapes and sizes to meet your company's manufacturing needs. We have many different kinds of moulds for plastic caps, such as normal kind ,T type caps, special shaped plastic caps and so on. For opening way also has different chooses, usually have screw kind and top open kind. You can show your bottleneck or requirements details ,we will give our suggestions according to your demands.





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