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natural cork compound cork for wine glass bottle

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Corks are commonly used in red wine, champagne, sparkling wine and other products need sealing well. This cork has many different kind materials to choose, also have many different sizes. Can print logos on the surface. It has good sealing performance, usually use pvc or foil caps together. Hope can get your detail requirements, then can show similar kind or more suggestions.

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Name cork stooper
Size customized
Material as requirements
logo can print
deleivery time 10-15days
Quantity 5000-7000pcs/bag
Carton size as requirement


Cork has a very long history of use, because it can well block the contact between the wine body and the outside world, and its material is elastic and soft, which will not completely block the air. In this way, the substances in the wine can still contact the outside world, so that the wine body can be continuously sublimated, and the taste gradually becomes mature and mellow. natural cork is the noblest cork among corks. It is the cork with the highest quality. It is a bottle stopper made of one or several pieces of natural cork. It is mainly used for sealing non gassy wines and wines with long storage life.  Filling cork is a kind of cork with a lower status in the cork family. It is the same as the natural cork. However, due to its relatively poor quality, the impurities in the holes on its surface will affect the quality of the wine. The mixture of cork powder and adhesive is applied evenly on the cork surface to fill the cork defects and breathing holes. This cork is usually used to preserve lower quality wines. Polymerization cork is a cork made of cork particles and adhesive. Its physical properties are close to natural cork and its glue content is low. It is a good cork, but its production cost is relatively high and it is widely used in developed countries. The bar polymer cork is made by pressing cork particles into rods. This kind of bottle plug has high glue content and is inferior to the plate polymer cork in quality. However, the production cost is low and it is widely used in developing countries.The price of polymer cork is cheaper than that of natural cork. Of course, the quality of polymer corks cannot be compared with that of natural corks. After long-term contact with wine, wine quality will be affected or leakage will occur. Therefore, polymer corks are mostly suitable for wines consumed in a short period of time.Synthetic cork is a composite cork made by a special process. The content of cork particles is more than 51%. Its performance and application are similar to those of polymer cork. patch cork use a polymer cork or synthetic cork as a body, and paste one or two natural cork round pieces at one or both ends of the polymer plug or synthetic plug, usually including 0+1 cork, 1+1 cork, 2+2 cork, etc. the part in contact with wine is made of natural materials. This kind of bottle cork not only has the characteristics of natural plug, but also has better sealing performance than the polymer plug or synthetic plug. Because its grade is higher than that of synthetic stopper and its cost is lower than that of natural stopper, it is a better choice for bottle stopper. Like natural stopper, it can be used for sealing high-quality wine.Foaming bottle stopper not in contact with wine shall be polymerized and processed with 4mm-8mm cork particles, and the part in contact with wine shall be processed with two pieces of natural cork patches with a single thickness of not less than 6mm. It has good sealing effect and is mainly used for sealing sparkling wine, semi sparkling wine and aerated wine.T-shaped cork is also called T-shaped cork. It is a cork with a small top. The body can be cylindrical or round. It can be processed from natural cork or polymerized cork. The top material can be wood, plastic, ceramic or metal. This cork is mostly used to seal brandy. It is also used to seal yellow rice wine in China.



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