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champagne caps use for glass bottle

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The caps are used for champagne and various sparkling wines packing in glass bottles. Usually used for normal cork size, because sparkling wine contains carbon dioxide, its bottle pressure is equivalent to five to six times the atmospheric pressure, or two to three times the tire pressure of automobile tires. In order to prevent the cork from being fired like a bullet, so choose this kind of caps. Top is a small metal bottle cap. Although it is only the size of a coin, this square inch has become a vast space for many people to display their artistic talents. Some beautiful or commemorative designs are of great collection value, which has also attracted many collection lovers.

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Name Champagne caps
Size customized
Color customized
Deliver time 10-15days
Sample free
Quantity 6000pcs/carton
Carton size 585*385*37mm/610*350*360mm


Usually top can has a small metal caps, could print different logos,  different printing technology can be choose, such as normal printing, gold stamping, screen printing, rolling printing and other printing technology etc. Our company can provide other supporting products for champagne and sparkling wine, such as corks, labels, etc. Before opening the bottle, it is best to let it stand for 30 minutes to ensure that the air pressure inside returns to normal. Do not shake the bottle.

Don't face to people. When opening the bottle, twist the latch about 6 times to loosen it. The left thumb should always press and hold the cork to prevent it from popping out. The right hand should unscrew the lock buckle. During this period, the left thumb must continue to press and hold the cork, hold the bottle body at 45 °, rotate the bottom of the bottle with the right hand, and turn out the cork. During this process, the hand will feel that the cork is gradually pushed out by the air pressure in the bottle. Remember not to let go. We hope you can tell us your requirements. We will provide different types of products and professional services according to your requirements.


caps use
champagne caps use

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