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Aluminum plastic cap for liquor whiskey vodka

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The aluminum plastic cap can be used for packaging oral liquid, various wines and foods. The aluminum-plastic cover can not only keep the tightness of the contents, but also has the functions of anti-theft opening and safety. Therefore, it can be used for bottled products to improve the product grade.It not only has the advantages of aluminum cap but also have the advantages of  plastic caps. Outside is aluminum, inside uses plastic inserts. The aluminum plastic caps have beautiful appearance as aluminum caps, multiple choices for different printing technology, such as normal printing, gold stamping, screen printing, rolling printing and other printing technology etc. and have good anti-theft function. Plastic insert alsoeasy to open. Some have pop ring outside or inside, when open it, the ring is broken. They have different sizes and could print different logos. We can design it according to your logo, can meet different requirements. Please send your requirements to us by mail or whatsapp,we  can send similar color to your design to check first.   

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Name Aluminum plastic caps
Size customized
Material 8011
Thickness 0.20-0.23mm
Color As required
Quantity 1720pcs/carton
Packing size 58*38*37cm


The diameter of the aluminum plastic cap is from 29mm to 32mm.the height is from 35mm to 60mm.The aluminum plastic cap is made of high-quality aluminum. It is hygienic and will not rust. It is easy to open without auxiliary tools. After opening, the cap is destructive and can effectively prevent theft. The aluminum-plastic cover has the advantages of good cushioning, earthquake resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc., and is non-toxic, non absorbent, non dusting, peeling and scaling, increased, and has very good sealing performance. The aluminum plastic cover can be resistant to high temperature, water and alcohol according to customer requirements. The pattern design can adopt color printing, embossing and milling. The aluminum plastic cap adopts advanced production technology, which makes it have excellent tightness after sealing the bottle. The cap surface has a larger plane, which makes the printing of various text logo patterns and bottle caps more beautiful, and also makes your products more valuable.The  aluminum plastic cover meets the needs of liquor products and adapts to the increasingly exquisite packaging development trend of spirit.aluminum plastic caps can choose normal printing ,also can be treated by special process, the surface of the bottle cap is bright, and the combination of surface bronzing technology, silk screen printing and pad printing significantly improves the overall effect and anti-counterfeiting grade of the product.  The surface of this kind of bottle cap can be bronzed or color printed, which not only has the ornamental property of handicrafts, but also does not lose the practicability of the new anti-counterfeiting cap.


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