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Aluminum plastic cap for wine, whisky, alcohol spirit

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Aluminum plastic caps can be used in many kinds of products, such as spirit, vodka, alcohol, oil and so on. It combines the advantages of aluminum cap and plastic caps. Outside is aluminum, inside is plastic inserts. The aluminum plastic caps have beautiful appearance as aluminum caps, multiple choices for different technology, and have good anti-theft function. Plastic insert also has simple kind and complex kind. Some have pop ring outside or inside, when open it, the ring is broken. They have different sizes and could print different logos. We can design it according to your logo, can meet different requirements. Many high-end products choose aluminum plastic caps. We have different colors and sizes aluminum plastic cap, can send similar color to your design to check first.   

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Name Aluminum plastic caps
Size customized
Material 8011
Thickness 0.20-0.23mm
Color As required
Quantity 1554pcs/carton
Packing size 58*38*37cm


This aluminum plastic caps usually can be used for many different products which filling in glass bottles, also can be used for plastic bottles, usually the diameter is 30mm, height can adjust as your bottleneck, can choose many colors as you like. The outside is aluminum caps, the thickness usually from 0.21-0.23mm, can print different color logo on the top and side. Different printing ways can choose, such as normal printing, gold stamping, screen printing and so on. Inside is plastic cap with PE liners. When screw on the bottle, have good sealing function, easy to open. The aluminum plastic caps can meet various requirements in the filling process. Easy to open, can use again after open. Our delivery time usually 14-18days.Please show us your samples or descriptions, we will try to show similar kind to compare. If have more questions, we would like to discuss more details with you by mail or whatsapp.


Aluminum plastic cap
Aluminum plastic cap1


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