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natural cork for wine champagne sparkling wine

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Natural corks are commonly used in red wine, champagne, sparkling wine, etc. they are made of imported raw materials or composite materials, with fine fibers, flat surface and good sealing effect. They have different sizes and could print different logos. We can give our professional suggestions according to your logo, can meet different requirements.

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Name cork stoppers
Size customized
Material natural or compound material
delivery time 10-15days
logo can print
Quantity 5000pcs/bag
Carton size can pack as requirments


Our corks have different material and different sizes can choose. There is a natural cork, named for its lack of special treatment. The natural cork has the feature of many small holes in appearance, but the small holes disappear after being squeezed into the wine bottle. Other treated corks are classified into super grade, super grade to grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 according to their surface pore size, whether there is hardwood on the surface and surface roughness. Corks of low grade can not be used for direct bottling, because their surface has many uneven holes, and the gap is too large, which will cause wine overflow. Therefore, such corks need to be further processed, that is, to fill the small holes, that is, to fill. The general process is to mix the softwood chips produced when handling the cork with the glue, then roll them on the processor together with the cork, and the large hole can be filled. Finally, a filling plug without obvious small hole but with visible filling trace is generated. Another kind of cork is called composite cork. Composite cork is made by filling some cork particles and glue into the mold and pressing them. With the development and improvement of technology and the needs of application, most of the corks are compounded by the above corks. Can choose material according to your products.


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