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The differences of aluminum caps and plastic caps

At present, because the competition in the industry, many companies in China choose the latest production technology and equipments, so that production technology of bottle caps in China have reached the world advanced level. Technological innovation is undoubtedly the driving force for the rapid development of bottle no matter aluminum caps or plastic caps, all have good quality and elegant printing now. They have their own characteristics.

(1) About aluminum anti-theft bottle cap
The aluminum cap is made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials. It is mainly used for the packaging of spirit, wine, beverage and medical and health care products, and can meet the special requirements of high-temperature and sterilization. Aluminum caps are mostly processed in production lines, the thickness of material specification is generally 0.21mm ~ 0.23mm, aluminum caps could choose different printing technical, have good sealing function, also have more technology chooses than plastic caps. But aluminum caps sometimes easy to deform, so need better packing when shipping.

(2) Plastic anti-theft bottle cap
Plastic bottle cap has more complex structure and anti-backflow function than aluminum caps, also easy to use, but its inherent defects can not be ignored. Because the size error of the glass bottle mouth is large, so sometimes the plastic caps meet the problem of leaking. the plastic bottle cap is easy to absorb dust in the air, difficult to clean up. The cost of plastic bottle caps is much higher than aluminum caps. But the plastic caps are harder than aluminum caps, so when shipping, it is safer than aluminum caps.

Above all, the aluminum caps are more advantages than plastic caps. The aluminum caps have simple structure, and good sealing function. Compared with the plastic cap, the aluminum cap not only has superior performance, but also low cost, no pollution, also has good anti-counterfeiting effect.

Post time: Jan-08-2022


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