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The advantages of aluminum caps

According to ACG’s research, aluminum bottle caps have five advantages that make them the best choice for bottle caps.
1. Good protection function – protect product flavor and reduce waste
The aluminum bottle cap has excellent barrier property, which can avoid the pollution of microorganisms, moisture or gas to the product, so as to ensure the safe storage of the product, extend the shelf life and validity period, and ensure the flavor and taste. In particular, it can prevent the rapid oxidation of sensitive products such as wine and extend the shelf life of products. Globally, a large amount of wine is wasted every year after being polluted by compound TCA due to the use of traditional bottle stoppers. However, aluminum bottle caps will not produce pollution substance TCA, which can significantly reduce the amount of wasted wine. It is very necessary to further promote aluminum bottle caps to replace traditional corks in the wine field. At the same time. Expanding the use of aluminum bottle caps in other bottled products also has similar protection functions, which also indicates that aluminum bottle caps have a broader market space.
2. Best sustainability performance – improve resource efficiency and recycle
The research of independent LCA life cycle assessment shows that aluminum bottle caps are more environmentally friendly, while avoiding the waste of wine and reducing the waste of energy, resources and water in the process of wine production. As far as cork bottle stopper is concerned, the impact of waste of wine on the environment during its use is far greater than that of cork bottle cap itself.
The aluminum bottle cap provides a sustainable solution, which can better protect the product and is easy to recycle, thus saving resources and energy. Aluminum is a sustainable resource material. The energy required for recovering aluminum is less than 5% of the original aluminum production, and the corresponding greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced. Through the evaluation of different aluminum bottle cap recycling schemes, including all recycling, all incineration and all landfill, no matter what scheme, even compared with the all recycling cork bottle cap scheme, the aluminum bottle cap is still in an advantage in environmental protection. Due to the high value of waste aluminum, the cost of recovering aluminum can be compensated. With the increase of the consumption of aluminum bottle caps and the clear dissemination and guidance to consumers, the recovery rate of aluminum bottle caps will further increase.
3. Convenient opening and closing – facilitate consumption and increase consumers’ good experience
Another obvious advantage of aluminum bottle cap is that it is easy to open and close. No auxiliary tools are required. It can be opened by gently rotating. No matter when opening and closing, the aluminum bottle cap can ensure convenience, reliability and safety. The aluminum bottle cap is easy to open, and it will also avoid other difficult things, such as accidentally falling into the bottle or disassembling. This also affects the consumption behavior of consumers. It is not necessary to force yourself to drink a bottle of wine at once. Just screw the aluminum cap back to the original position, and the bottle can be closed, thus retaining the original flavor.
It is obvious that the aluminum bottle cap has brought a good consumption experience to the new generation of wine lovers, and has also expanded the global wine market. In addition, the aluminum bottle cap also enables winemakers to use pet instead of glass to hold wine, becoming the only bottle cap material suitable for both glass and PET bottles.
4. Economic and technological advantages – efficient production and improved anti-counterfeiting characteristics
Aluminum bottle caps can be produced in batches and at low cost. At the same time, it has excellent cost performance ratio. After optimized design, the price of aluminum bottle cap can be significantly lower than that of traditional cork bottle stopper. The production of aluminum bottle caps is distributed all over the world and is an important part of the local value chain. This wide distribution can meet the needs of users in time. No matter where the brewer is, the aluminum bottle caps can be delivered in time, and the transportation process is economical and sustainable.
The counterfeiting behavior of liquor products is increasing rapidly, especially Baijiu and high-quality wine, which brings many serious consequences. It is estimated that the global scale of counterfeiting is as high as tens of billions of dollars. With the application of innovative technology, different types of broken anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting designs are adopted on the aluminum bottle cap. If the wine bottle is opened, the connecting line on the bottle cap will break, which is very easy for consumers to identify.
5. Diversified design – highlight personality and enhance brand influence
Wine producers strive to stand out from the competition and create “personalized” business opportunities to win the praise of consumers for their products. Globally, there are many kinds and brands of wine produced every year. In addition to paying attention to the aroma and taste of the products, the visual impression, bottle form, label and cap of the products are also very important.
Aluminum bottle caps have the potential to strengthen product identification and appearance. Complex design patterns include gloss, shading, embossing and even digital printing. The aluminum bottle cap can have a unique style, and the related technical designs and practical schemes are numerous. Aluminum bottle caps have become an important part of wine brands and visual effects, which can bring a broad space for personalized art freedom and give the aluminum bottle caps a diversified appearance, so as to attract the eyes of consumers with different tastes. The brand can also print the QR code on the bottle cap to facilitate consumers to trace the source, or encourage consumers to scan the code to pay attention to lottery and promotion, and establish a customer database.
Small bottle caps, multiple considerations, multiple advantages, related to the environment and resources. Aluminum bottle caps highlight the contribution of aluminum to a better life and sustainability! Care for the environment, care for nature, and enjoy the convenience of life. You may as well recognize and use aluminum bottle caps more!

Post time: Aug-20-2022


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