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How to compare the material of glass bottle

When we choose glass bottles, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between good and bad glass bottles. We can distinguish it in a simple way. For glass bottle, there are usually two different kinds of materials, normal flint and super flint . There are some differences between them as below:

1. Color of Material:
The normal flint and super flint shows different colors. The color of the super flint glass is clear and white. Most of the normal flint glass will has a greenish color because of the high iron from the color, you can see the difference directly.

2. Bottom of glass bottle
Usually the bottles which are made from normal flint can only have a thin bottom. They can not make thick bottom designed glass. Super flint material can meet different design requirements because have better quality.

In addition, there are other methods to judge whether the glass bottle is good or bad. The glass bottle with good quality has smooth appearance, high transparency, high temperature resistance, smooth bottle mouth, no burr, small size error of different mold cavities, etc.

Yantai Sailing Import & Export CO.,Ltd have over 15 years’ experience in custom design and standard glass containers with bottle caps. We focus on choosing different factories to meet your needs. We have different kinds of material to meet different grade of bottles. You can have many options to choose from for your products here. we can provide all kinds of glass bottles, also can make the decoration on the standard bottle. We can make your product unique and customized . Such as  frosting, pad printing ,screen printing, , lacquering, hot stamping, transfers, sleeving, or gluing and so on. You can choose the suitable bottle according to your own requirements here.

Post time: Jan-08-2022


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