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Glass bottle, how long can it exist in nature?

Glass bottles are very traditional industrial containers in China. In ancient times, people began to produce them, but they are fragile. Therefore, few complete glass containers can be found in future generations.

Its manufacturing process is not difficult. Engineers need to smash raw materials such as quartz sand and soda ash, and shape them after high-temperature dissolution, so as to show a transparent texture.

Even today, glass bottles still occupy an important position when various packaging materials enter the market, which is enough to prove how much people like this kind of packaging bottle.

Origin of glass products

Glass products have become very common in modern life, ranging from the external windows of high-rise buildings to the marbles played by children. Do you know when glass was first used in household products? Scientists have discovered through archaeology that small glass beads were unearthed in ancient Egyptian ruins as early as 4000 years ago.

Even after 4000 years, the surface of these small glass beads is still as clean as new. Time has not left any trace on them. At most, there is more historical dust. This is enough to show that glass products are very difficult to be decomposed in nature. If there is no interference from foreign objects, it can be easily preserved in nature for 4000 years, or even longer.

When ancient people made glass, they did not know that it had such a long preservation value; In fact, they made the glass out of an accident. In the ancient Egyptian civilization about 4000 years ago, when the trade between city states was booming, there was a merchant ship loaded with crystal ore called "natural soda" flowing down the Mediterranean Sea.

However, the tide fell so fast that the merchant ship had no time to escape towards the depths of the sea and was stranded near the beach. It is almost difficult for such a large ship to be propelled by manpower. We can only get out of the difficulty by completely immersing the ship in the water at high tide the next day. During this period, the crew brought down the big pot on the ship to light a fire and cook. Some people took some ore from the commodities and built it into a base for the fire.

When the crew had enough to eat and drink, they planned to take away the cauldron and go back to the ship to sleep. At this time, they were surprised to find that the ore base used to burn the fire had become crystal clear and looked very beautiful in the afterglow of the sunset. Later, we learned that it was due to the chemical reaction between natural soda and quartz sand in the beach under the smelting of fire. This is the earliest source of glass in human history.

Since then, human beings have mastered the method of making glass. Quartz sand, borax, limestone and some auxiliary materials can be smelted in the fire to produce transparent glass products. In the subsequent thousands of years of civilization, the composition of glass has never changed.

Post time: Jan-08-2022


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